Dre$$ To Kill....It'$ A Life$tyle


Beyond a basic clothing line, Black Merchant$ is an line Bearing Meaningful $ignificance a brand to reflect on. Created to inspire, Black Merchant$ dives into and explores the depth of emotions not often seen. Sometimes provocative, always unconventional our clothing reflects on the various aspects of life which represents each individual in their own identity. The clothing may contain explicit or offensive language VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED! This is an ArtiFacts brand which means it encompasses Art&Knowledge&Style through its clothing ((First Generation)). Expressing an outlook on life, our clothing invite viewers to think beyond their traditional principles. Some meanings may be deep, others may be for fun. It all depends on the viewer and one's perspective to let your imagination and thoughts be open through our legacies. Dre$$ To Kill The Lifestyle.  Black Merchant$--The Haute Couture of Collectible ArtiFacts.

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